Animal Planet Tour - Excursion Alanya

Alanya, Antalya, Türkiye

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Animal Planet Tour Excursion Alanya

Animal Planet Tour Details

Tour Provider: Eftalia Activities Travel Group
Tour Name: Animal Planet Tour
Tour Location: Alanya
Tour Time: 08:45-09:00 am to 14:00-14:15 pm (Pick-up time depends on hotel location)


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Tour Itinerary:

Hotel Pickup: The tour starts with a convenient hotel pickup.
Park Exploration: Arrive at the park around 10:30 am. Explore the diverse attractions until 11:30 am, including a zoo with various animals such as wolves, monkeys, snakes, deer, lions, tigers, a dinosaur park, aquarium, crocodiles, birds, iguanas, and spiders.
Animal Interaction: Have the opportunity to pet lion, wolves, and bear cubs (if possible depending on their time of birth). You can also buy food to feed them in the zoo.
Seal and Sea Lion Show: Witness an exciting seal and sea lion show at 11:45 am.
Free Time: After the show, enjoy free time and visit the dinosaur museum.
Return: The tour concludes as you are taken back to your hotel.
Note: Personal photography is not allowed during petting sessions with the lion and bear cubs. High-quality photos will be taken by experienced staff, available for purchase at the end of the tour.

Additional Information:

Children in the "free category" may not be guaranteed a separate seat and may need to travel on the lap of an adult. If an extra seat is available, it can be used.
About Alanya Tours: Alanya offers a wide range of tour experiences on its picturesque peninsula. Visitors can explore historic landmarks like Alanya Castle, relax on sandy beaches, enjoy scuba diving adventures, and participate in thrilling activities such as quad biking and jeep safaris. Boat tours along the coastline provide a unique perspective of Alanya's beauty. With its diverse offerings, Alanya ensures unforgettable experiences for all visitors.

The Land of Lions and Dinosaur Park with Sea Lion Show sounds like an incredible adventure for families and animal enthusiasts alike! With the world's largest lion family, life-sized robot dinosaurs, and a thrilling sea lion show, there's no shortage of excitement and wonder.

Exploring the Land of Lions offers a unique opportunity to witness these majestic creatures up close and learn about their daily lives. Additionally, the Dinosaur Park adds an educational element, allowing visitors to step back in time and encounter life-sized replicas of these fascinating creatures.

The variety of activities, from the dance show to the crocodile park and aquarium, ensures there's something for everyone to enjoy. Plus, the chance to interact with lion cubs, bears, and other exotic animals makes for unforgettable memories.

It's fascinating to learn about the history of zoos, tracing back to ancient civilizations and evolving over time to become the modern-day attractions we know today. From the "Garden of Knowledge" in ancient China to the prestigious collections of European royalty, zoos have long served as places of entertainment, education, and conservation.

Overall, the Land of Lions and Dinosaur Park with Sea Lion Show promises a day filled with adventure, learning, and unforgettable experiences for visitors of all ages.


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How can I make a reservation for the Animal Planet Tour?
You can make a reservation for the Animal Planet Tour by visiting the Excursion Alanya website, contacting their customer service, or getting information from local tour agencies.
Which currencies are most widely accepted on this tour?
The most widely accepted currencies on this tour are Euro (EUR), US Dollar (USD), and Turkish Lira (TRY).
How long does the Animal Planet Tour last?
The Animal Planet Tour typically lasts around 4-6 hours, depending on the specific itinerary, including transportation, guided tours of animal facilities, and any additional activities or stops.

Tour Location

Alanya, Antalya, Türkiye


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